Predator Remake Services

On this page you can find the options to send in your Predator Remakes for a range of services

You've seen the pros wearing them... time to change YOUR Predator Remakes from Standard into Custom Made boots which are ready for the pitch. Use the PayPal Button Below to select which services you would to have done to your Predator Remakes!


Please note that only Predator Remakes released in 2018 or later are eleigible for services on this page! If you have any other Predator Remakes please email for a custom quote on your boots.


(ELIGIBLE BOOTS: 2018 Black/Red and Electricity Accelerators, 2019 Gold ZZ Accelerators, 2019 White DB Precisions)


*please note all sole conversions will be done in the stud pattern of the FRONT 4 studs and REAR 2 studs unless otherwise requested.

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